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tired baekhyun still being his cute self

our one and only tiffany hwang. thank you so much for being you. lovable, dorky, cute, an eye smiling goddess, caring and so many more things. thank you for being the best bias to me and many other people around the world that you could possibly be. there isn’t a time that i don’t smile when i see your face, or when i’m watching videos of you because you are truly amazing in every single way imaginable. you never gave up even after your mother died, and you wanted to move to korea to become a singer. you never let anything stop you. you didn’t know what the future would hold for you, but you took the chance anyways. no words can explain how incredibly proud we are of you. you are truly an inspiration. always remember that us sone’s and the other 8 members of 소녀시대 will always be here for you, like you are always there for us. happy 25th birthday, hwang miyoung. we love you so so much.  

beauty beaty 

YoonA + crown flower requested by yoonaaaa


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